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From the firm: Find your summer vibe

row of children in a pool but leaning out over the deck with water splashing around them

Summer—it’s often a season of activity and movement. Whether you are enjoying time in the great outdoors or taking to the open road, there is so much to see and do no matter where you live. This dynamic vibe can extend to your professional life as well, as you look to take on new ventures or explore different skill sets.

To help you get inspired to make the most of summer’s active vibe, we’ve included some ideas for new ventures, such as setting up a new retail storefront. We have also included some ideas for changing up your seasonal outings, like a trip to your local farmers market or exploring the country’s best ice cream shops. 

For days when you just want to chill out, check out our list of podcast picks! They’ll get your entrepreneurial brain moving in a whole new direction. 

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