From the firm: Reset and renew this spring

Here we are, with another tax season in full swing. If you’ve already filed your taxes and received a refund, you’ll want to check out our tips for making sure you use it wisely. Plus, if you received a big refund, you’ll also want to ensure that your withholding amounts are aligned with your income to avoid giving the government a tax-free loan.

One area of taxation that business owners often struggle with is related to payroll. Beyond payroll taxes, there are many critical payroll compliance issues to make sure your company’s on top of to avoid fines or penalties. Check out the article in this issue to make sure you’re on track with all aspects of your payroll compliance.

On a brighter note, in this issue of Advantage you’ll also find some unique recipes that involve breaking bread…and find new ways to use your favorite type of loaf for everything from a salad, to a main dish, to dessert. 

We’ve also included a list of some popular items to purchase during the pandemic—and what to avoid now and in the future. This is good information to help you streamline your budget over the long term—and to be sure you’re prepared for future emergencies.

If you still haven’t filed your individual taxes, you should be aware that waiting too long may mean you need an extension. Don’t forget to factor this into your plans as you work to get your documentation prepared.

Hoping this spring finds you healthy and full of hope,
Your Trusted Advisors

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